Definition of open system in English:

open system


  • 1Computing
    A system in which the components and protocols conform to standards independent of a particular supplier.

    • ‘Storage pooling can be used to provide storage capacity to both open systems and mainframe computers even though the data structure is considerably different for both machines.’
    • ‘What is being done today to bridge the data gap between open systems and mainframe storage?’
    • ‘In a sense we're already designing components within a larger open system - allowing individuals to assemble their own ‘machines’ (which amount to their interactions with computers).’
    • ‘One of these facility executives has taken a close look at open systems based on standard protocols and is concerned about the need to develop extremely precise specifications.’
    • ‘This can be credited to the open system of development, implementation, and testing.’
  • 2Physics
    A material system in which mass or energy can be lost to or gained from the environment.

    • ‘The biosphere is a basically closed system in terms of matter but an open system in terms of energy.’
    • ‘This is when I introduced the idea of ‘dissipative structures,’ which arise in open systems, exchanging energy and matter with the outside world when driven far from equilibrium.’
    • ‘Most images are complex, nonrepeating, nonrandom and fractal - and are created by maintaining the medium as an open system far from equilibrium (energy and matter are added).’
    • ‘All natural ecosystems are open systems where energy and matter are transferred in and out through the complex interactions of energy, water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and other cycles.’
    • ‘It should be noted that Earth, as an open system, has the Sun as an outside energy source.’