Definition of open prison in English:

open prison


  • A prison with the minimum of restrictions on prisoners' movements and activities.

    • ‘Personally, I sincerely hope that he doesn't obtain the luxury of spending his four year jail sentence in one of those comfortable open prisons where other so-called ‘white-collar criminals’ end up.’
    • ‘In 1995, the barbed wire was removed and it became an open prison used to house long-term prisoners who were nearing the end of their sentences.’
    • ‘The Court took the view that in certain respects the treatment complained of resembled detention in an open prison.’
    • ‘For example, they can be told when prisoners may be moved to an open prison or released from prison, or if prisoners are about to have their case reviewed by the Parole Board.’
    • ‘She said handcuffs will not normally be used for prisoners transferring to an open prison, but the inmates will be accompanied by two custody officers, in line with safety and security precautions.’
    • ‘The government is planning to try giving prisoners the internet but only in an open prison, which the charity says is unduly cautious.’
    • ‘The decision to close two prisons and privatise two open prisons will cost the State in the long term, prison officers warned yesterday.’
    • ‘The majority of prisoners unlawfully at large are persons who failed to return from temporary release or who fled open prisons, according to the Prison Service.’
    • ‘The units are six terraced houses on the edge of the grounds that make up the open prison and are home to up to four prisoners, living like flatmates, nearing the end of their sentences.’
    • ‘The news comes at the end of an extraordinary couple of weeks for the disgraced peer, who was transferred from an open prison to a closed jail after breaching prison rules.’
    • ‘The Home Secretary also gave further details of his plans to expand open prisons and introduce weekend jails which allow inmates to stay at work and keep family links.’
    • ‘He had spent 40 days in solitary as a result of his absconding and was now serving his sentence in Armley Jail rather than an open prison.’
    • ‘A Home Office spokesman said quotas were in place but these did not mean that prisoners unsuitable for open prisons should be moved.’
    • ‘Women who are serving time at an open prison near York are preparing to serve coffee in aid of charity this month.’
    • ‘But they say she could not be released without going through all the stages in the prison system, including a spell at an open prison.’
    • ‘Under the rules of open prisons, inmates are simply told that they are not allowed to escape or stray outside the boundaries of the prison, although there are none of the conventional walls and barriers to keep them inside.’
    • ‘It would be of benefit for you to be in an open prison close to your wife and family.’
    • ‘He is presently at an open prison, and working four days a week outside the prison and one day on an Open University degree course in the prison.’
    • ‘Prison reformers argue the whole point of transfer to an open prison is to prepare a person for release.’
    • ‘Prisoners serving long term sentences are often transferred to open prisons to assist with their reintegration into society.’


open prison