Definition of open invitation in English:

open invitation


  • 1An invitation to go somewhere or do something at any time.

    ‘they have an open invitation to stop by’
    • ‘I thought it was just an open invitation, so I was surprised my absence had been noticed.’
    • ‘There is always an open invitation for new staff and faculty to join our team.’
    • ‘If there's some making up to do, there's an open invitation to the child and his parents to contact us.’
    • ‘An open invitation is extended to everyone in the community to attend.’
    • ‘When he first retired, he had extended an open invitation for Barrow to visit his country estate at any time, and a warm welcome always awaited him when he came.’
    • ‘They have an accessible nature; an open invitation to have a cup of tea or a long-term stay.’
    1. 1.1 A situation or action that tempts someone to do something or makes a particular outcome likely, typically where this is something that is bad or illegal.
      ‘unguarded ATMs extend an open invitation to criminals’
      • ‘The report warns that such behaviour is an open invitation for burglars, especially as many users reveal their home addresses on their pages.’
      • ‘Property left in vehicles especially on view is an open invitation for criminals to carry out yet another attack.’
      • ‘We could leave them in the cupboards in Room 3, but that's an open invitation to those with light fingers.’
      • ‘The site should be properly secured and not left as an open invitation.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, while this temporary summer glow is making you look and feel great, you're not only damaging your skin but giving yourself an open invitation for skin cancer.’
      • ‘It may seem like an extreme point of view and it could be construed as an open invitation to people to engage in whatever violence they feel is necessary to protect their properties.’