Definition of open fire in English:

open fire


  • Begin to shoot.

    ‘troops opened fire on crowds armed with staves and knives’
    • ‘The first group opens fire on a convoy's flank, initiating the battle, and then withdraws, drawing the convoy's attention toward it.’
    • ‘An armed robber with a Mini - 14 opens fire, shooting several people.’
    • ‘Wielding an assault rifle he began to open fire on us, and the other dozen men followed suit.’
    • ‘Just as the southern dismounted squad hears metal on metal, a BMP opens fire, launching round after round of 30 mm toward the Bradley platoon.’
    • ‘The two boxcars with machine turrets and the open artillery boxcar began to open fire.’
    • ‘And then U.S. troops that are in this area began opening fire on what I assume was the firing point.’
    • ‘Once he had cut the others free, Richard and I began opening fire on the others who were firing from the car.’
    • ‘Distracted by this new threat, the infantry began to open fire on the oncoming cars.’
    • ‘Right-wing and media commentators have denounced the trial for setting a dangerous precedent that will cause American soldiers to think twice before opening fire in a war zone.’
    • ‘He would have danced a jig, but he still had the Watch on his tail and they were beginning to open fire.’