Definition of open cluster in English:

open cluster


  • A loose grouping of stars.

    • ‘For instance, you can activate constellation lines, labels, define the types of objects you would like to see (galaxies, open clusters, double stars, etc.) or the minimum display brightness for these objects.’
    • ‘This marks the spring-summer season as does the beautiful bright open cluster of stars we call the Pleiades, seen low in the northeast after midnight.’
    • ‘Notice that this map, in particular, nicely illustrates that most of the stars in Ursa Major comprise a nearly-dispersed open cluster - a ‘constellation’ in the truest sense.’
    • ‘They're located about 15° west-northwest of the bright red star Aldebaran, which in turn is at the end of one of the arms of a V-shaped asterism, the Hyades open cluster, which points southwest.’
    • ‘In the north-northeast during December we see a bright open cluster of stars known as The Pleiades or Seven Sisters.’