Definition of open air in English:

open air


  • A free or unenclosed space outdoors.

    ‘getting out in the open air’
    • ‘I sit in the shade mostly, looking out at the sun, but even so the effect of the open air and reflected sunshine is weathering my skin nicely.’
    • ‘The lush green all around seemed to invite him to the delights of the open air to which he surrendered himself.’
    • ‘As the swarm weaved in her direction and freely over the open air, the bridge felt far too short for her.’
    • ‘The tractor did its work like any rusty mechanism and his office was the open air, a church of absence.’
    • ‘The open air did me a power of good, except on the way back when the wind was in my face not at my back, when it just sliced right through me.’
    • ‘One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is the open air and sunshine.’
    • ‘He was keenly fond of the arts, the open air and individuals of the female gender.’
    • ‘It really was all so vulnerable, she mused, when it was exposed to the open air.’
    • ‘He winced as bare skin, dried blood, and scarred wounds met the open air for the first time in a long while.’
    • ‘But I do have the open air of the roof and a view to see what is going on in the city while I work.’
    • ‘You saw the one yesterday outside where all of the walls were down, and you could see it from the open air.’
    • ‘As of Monday, private homes, the open air or special places reserved for smokers will be the only places to light up.’
    open air, out-of-doors, outside, exterior, external
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  • Located or taking place out of doors.

    ‘an open-air swimming pool’
    • ‘In the early 1990s, there was a movement in the Vancouver area to ban open-air burning.’
    • ‘This mini-fest of ancient music features a free open-air concert and fireworks display.’
    • ‘Is the dream of a cinema, arts centre, shopping complex and open-air restaurants any closer to becoming a reality?’
    • ‘You could then loll on a cool, marbled veranda until lunch at a shaded open-air restaurant overlooking the sparkling sea.’
    • ‘An open-air barbecue, disco, live band and bouncing castle for kiddies was laid on for the guests.’
    • ‘They built a promenade, bandstand, open-air swimming pool and all the other trappings of a genteel seaside resort.’
    • ‘He was disappointed, however, that there was no mention of an open-air market in the strategy.’
    • ‘Skaters could get their outdoor fun after all, despite York's first open-air ice rink closing over Christmas.’
    • ‘Instead, visitors smoke in restaurants, open-air sitting areas and next to the garbage bins.’
    • ‘In the winters, the barred, open-air windows exposed their unheated cells to the elements.’
    • ‘If you like theatre with an edge of excitement, even danger, this open-air experience is for you.’
    • ‘What nicer way to spend Sunday afternoon than listening to a magnificent open-air performance.’
    • ‘Exchanging messages across a crowded room or at open-air concerts will never be the same.’
    • ‘A temporary open-air theatre, roofed in case of rain, was built beside the tiger enclosure.’
    • ‘And as the breeze on a cloudy day swept across, people gathered at the open-air theatre.’
    • ‘Spectators gathered in the Gardens at Lisnavagh last Sunday for the first of two open-air plays.’
    • ‘We buy penny cups of espresso at the open-air coffee stand and watch the bustle.’
    • ‘Their open-air production of Romeo and Juliet is set to showcase some of the city's most promising teenage talent.’
    • ‘The large glass windows at the front are also being replaced so that they can open up to give drinkers a new open-air experience in good weather.’
    • ‘Four thousand attended an open-air service, and commemorative saplings were planted in Cross Roads Park.’
    outdoor, out-of-doors, outside, al fresco, in the open air
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open air