Definition of open-top in English:


(also open-topped)


  • (of a vehicle) not having a roof or having a folding or detachable roof.

    ‘an open-top MG’
    • ‘That was a five-minute solo drive round a model town with road layouts driving a sporty open-top car, larger vehicles or even a London bus.’
    • ‘On Saturday, breast cancer fighters and survivors toured York in an open-topped bus, forming a circle of bras in defiance against the disease.’
    • ‘The ducks are second world war US-built amphibious vehicles and make a fun change from the traditional open-top bus tour.’
    • ‘Publication of the dossier was a dramatic move calculated to head off opposition from critics of a military strike on Baghdad - some of whom protested outside Parliament on an open-topped bus today.’
    • ‘Those craggy Sligo features are unmistakable as he sits alongside Stein on Celtic's open-topped bus on the way out of Hampden after the Double was completed in 1954.’
    • ‘If you achieve that now, they hire an open-topped bus and parade you down Union Street.’
    • ‘‘There will be an open-topped bus, win or lose,’ he says.’
    • ‘So let's forget about the open-topped bus ride,’
    • ‘At 11: 00 a.m. they drove out in an open-top vehicle and reviewed the group, some way away from where I was standing.’
    • ‘They give suggestions for exploring many of the Lake District's best-loved places by open-topped bus, boat, bike, or simply with boots.’
    • ‘Thousands of jubilant supporters gathered to greet their heroes, who arrived at the Mansion House in an open-topped bus after a celebratory tour starting at their Belle Vue ground.’
    • ‘There were no crowds, no television cameras, no open-topped bus, or regulation congratulatory royals, when this jumbo victory - sorry, couldn't resist that - happened.’
    • ‘Considering he was offered an open-topped bus ride to celebrate, it's no surprise that Joe Royle has a framed reminder of one of the most memorable days in Manchester City's history sitting on his desk.’
    • ‘It is not so much the final as the celebrations afterwards that Turnbull remembers, most notably the open-topped bus tour through the streets of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘The scale of the rivalry was again seen when Lally took an open-topped bus round Edinburgh proclaiming Glasgow's superiority as the cities battled for the title of City of Architecture 1999.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the campaigners said 40,000 tonnes of ash was transported to a local landfill in open-topped lorries each year and that toxic material contained in the ash meant it should never go into a landfill.’
    • ‘The van - actually, it's more a long, low, open-topped lorry with peculiar containers on its back - is cruising at walking speed along West Thorpe in Dringhouses, York.’
    • ‘The team, swigging from champagne bottles and drinking Australian lager, waved from open-topped coaches to thousands lining the two-mile route through the West End from Marble Arch led by an escort of police horses.’
    • ‘At one point a watchful helicopter hovered overhead, as crowds cheered two open-topped buses of officers driving around Parliament Square to get their message across.’
    • ‘Then they will be greeted by supporters outside before boarding an open-topped bus and travelling slowly to the town hall, it was the Derby Hotel in 1903, for a civic reception.’