Definition of open-heart surgery in English:

open-heart surgery


mass noun
  • Surgery in which the heart is exposed and the blood made to bypass it.

    • ‘A VAD is a type of mechanical heart that is surgically implanted in the patient's chest during open-heart surgery and that is used to treat patients with end-stage heart failure.’
    • ‘To belong members must have had open-heart surgery, a heart transplant or other associated major heart-linked operations.’
    • ‘After surgery, especially open-heart surgery, patients transfer to the SICU for intensive care.’
    • ‘Last year we had zero mortality in bypass open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘Beating heart surgery (ie, open-heart surgery without the use of a bypass machine) and endoscopic vein harvesting will be discussed in this session.’
    • ‘It is now ready to provide open-heart surgery to all heart patients.’
    • ‘Treatment of symptomatic PFEs consists of surgical removal of the tumor with native valve-sparing open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘Procedures with a risk of air embolism include surgery to the arteries or veins, injections during surgery, large blood transfusions, and open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘CABG is open-heart surgery to improve the blood supply to the heart.’
    • ‘Is there a lot of blood loss in open-heart surgery?’
    • ‘I've had open-heart surgery, gall-bladder surgery, hernia, appendix - you name it.’
    • ‘The small convenience sample of only older adult men undergoing open-heart surgery prevents generalizability to other geographical locations and surgical populations.’
    • ‘Mrs Pike, who was queen of the village's famous carnival in 1989, was born with a heart defect and underwent open-heart surgery at 13.’
    • ‘New research shows that patients who continue aspirin are less likely to die right after open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘And lastly, medication may be needed if you have had some major physical procedure like surgery, and especially open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘For instance those who have open-heart surgery or joint-replacement surgery are at a greater risk.’
    • ‘We are now able to correct some congenital heart defects which in the past required open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘Work on cardiovascular prostheses began after World War II, when techniques were developed to maintain circulation of oxygenated blood through the body during open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in Minnesota, physicians at the Mayo Clinic were perfecting a mechanical pump to take over oxygenation of the blood during open-heart surgery.’
    • ‘One-way vent valves play a crucial role during open-heart surgery by redirecting blood from the heart to a heart-lung machine.’


open-heart surgery

/ˌəʊp(ə)nˌhɑːt ˈsəːdʒ(ə)ri/