Definition of open-faced in English:



  • 1Having a frank or ingenuous expression.

    ‘a quiet open-faced lawyer’
    • ‘Though suspecting that he is being sidetracked until his bosses are reassured of his nerves, the dark, clenched Eyal poses as a tour guide and insinuates himself into the lives of these blonde, open-faced, boundlessly naive Germans.’
    • ‘He's the open-faced youth during a recreation of Roosevelt's fabled journey.’
    • ‘The man on the front right is Howard Cooper, an open-faced, astoundingly good-looking young man with an easy grin.’
    • ‘As each august eulogizer in turn stepped solemnly to the podium, one large, open-faced fellow in a ski jacket, carrying the Star as well as the Post, loudly asked from his seat a couple of rows behind the family, ‘Who's that?’.’
    • ‘He brings little passion to the part, preferring instead to present Andre as a low-key, open-faced friend of the people who's almost too good to be true.’
    • ‘Kahle, like Brand, is boyish, open-faced, and perky beyond his years.’
    • ‘The experience was a little like being seated next to a cheerful, open-faced fellow on a long airplane flight who begins talking to you - and then never, ever, ever stops, not even when he has his Salisbury steak dinner in his mouth.’
    • ‘But now we see the resemblance to his own son: friendly, open-faced, boyish, none too bright, but eager to please.’
    • ‘He's a very engaging, open-faced, unlikely looking executioner, who connects with the barrio, like Art Aragon used to.’
  • 2North American (of a sandwich or pie) without an upper layer of bread or pastry.

    • ‘The Hotsburger, which is made with a thick, loosely packed beef patty spiked with lots of chopped jalapeño and served open-faced on garlic toast, has been off the menu for years now, but somebody will always make you one if you ask for it.’
    • ‘Breakfast may be more substantial than the noon meal which may consist of an open-faced sandwich of bread, cheese, paté, or cold meat, perhaps accompanied by a piece of fruit and coffee.’
    • ‘Tostadas are open-faced tacos whose soft tortillas have been replaced by crisp, oversized orange corn chips.’
    • ‘Less successful is Black Forest ham and Brie melted on focaccia, two petite open-faced sandwiches that register as dull, even with sautéed onions tucked under the cheese.’
    • ‘For a quick fix, there are several open-face sandwiches and salads to choose from, including an excellent fattouch of crispy lettuce, toasted seasoned pita and lots of lemon and oil.’
    • ‘As garnishes, they add bite to salads and color to open-faced sandwiches or vegetable dishes.’
    • ‘Or, as a pleasant surprise to go with a cup of tea, lay the leaves on open-faced sandwiches of thin white bread spread with cream cheese.’
    • ‘One variation is to have open-faced steamed wontons, shaped to have a flat bottom so that they will stand upright; these are shao mai.’
    • ‘Though Pasquarello was raised in a home in which frittata casseroles were snacked on, cold-pizza style, from the fridge, his open-faced omelets are meant to be eaten hot.’
    • ‘I've also seen the radish sandwich take on an Asian cast: grated white daikon radish, piled high in a dramatic open-faced sandwich atop black bread, cucumber and pickled ginger.’
    • ‘For dessert, there is Belgian pie, which is an open-faced tart filled with custard or cottage cheese, then topped with layers of prunes or apples.’
    • ‘The menu complements the era with home-cooked American meals - burgers, open-faced sandwiches, meatloaf and pot roast.’
    • ‘So are baby open-faced sandwiches of slick, whisper-cut serrano ham posed on a dab of garlicky tomato vinaigrette, and a low-key Spanish tortilla - a high Spanish omelet layered with thin-sliced potatoes and onion, then cut into wedges.’
    • ‘Rather than making a sandwich with two pieces of white bread, use one slice of whole wheat to make an open-face sandwich or an extra-thick half sandwich, suggests Randi Konikoff, R.D., a nutritionist at Tufts University in Boston.’
    • ‘There are about a dozen taco variations to choose from at this authentic eatery, served like you'd find them in Mexico: open-faced on soft corn and flour tortillas, with bowls of salsa verde and salsa rojo on the side.’
    • ‘This might be something along the lines of an open-face sandwich.’
    • ‘My younger self constructed Lego spaceships, scribbled with chalk on stone steps, and nibbled sticky open-faced sandwiches with the crusts cut off.’
    • ‘Against a bright, cheery backdrop, choose from more than a dozen variations of this Chicano chow, most of which are presented four to a plate, open-faced on soft corn or flour tortillas.’
    • ‘The crust on a petite open-faced sour lemon tart lacks flakiness; a standard tall chocolate mousse cake wears a white chocolate garnish that hints of too much time spent in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘A tartine is a popular Parisian dish, in which different ingredients are arranged and served on a slice of bread - a sort of open-faced sandwich if you will - usually on a bed of greens.’
  • 3(of a watch, especially a pocket watch) having no cover other than the glass.