Definition of opcode in English:



  • short for operation code
    • ‘In another embodiment, the method further includes causing the static initializer to run, wherein the static initializer using a second opcode, and resuming execution at the second opcode after the static initializer has run.’
    • ‘Method and apparatus for generating a microinstruction responsive to the specification of an operand, in addition to a microinstruction based on the opcode, of a macroinstruction’
    • ‘When a kernel release won't compile, often it is not entirely clear whether the problem is with the C code in the kernel or with the compiler's attempt to convert that C code into machine language opcodes.’
    • ‘Each vertex of the graph represents a single opcode, and the edges describe the transition between instructions.’
    • ‘Each Mason component is compiled as necessary into a Perl subroutine, which is then compiled into Perl opcodes.’