Definition of ooky in English:



  • Unpleasant or repellent.

    ‘he's altogether ooky’
    • ‘It's cold, and it's raining, and it's just ooky.’
    • ‘So… it's not a vanity thing, it's just because you don't want people to see your eyes looking a bit ooky after a long flight.’
    • ‘Because it has that taboo element, scat is kind of an ooky conversation motif.’
    • ‘Today I got up after feeling all ooky yesterday due to the strain of trying to get firewood delivered in late October and decided that I wanted to hang up the blinds I bought a few months back.’
    • ‘Now that Marilyn Manson and Coal Chamber are officially regarded as ‘poncey poseurs’ by the nocturnal set, Cradle of Filth make their rightful ascension to the throne of spooky, ooky gloom rock.’
    • ‘Kooky, spooky, and more than just a little ooky, The Flesh Eaters is a great discovery-in-waiting just waiting to infect adventurous sci-fi and horror fans.’
    • ‘Amy Danger's hyper-real set design and Steven Fierberg's saturated-color cinematography recall David Lynch's suburban underworlds, an effect helped along considerably by Angelo Badalamenti's characteristically ooky score.’


1960s: symbolic.