Definition of oogonium in English:



  • 1Botany
    The female sex organ of certain algae and fungi, typically a rounded cell or sac containing one or more oospheres.

    • ‘The parent also contains antheridia which produce sperm and an oogonium which produces the egg.’
    • ‘The germinal epithelium is composed of epithelial cells that become prefollicle cells when associated with oogonia, as in Fundulus grandis.’
    • ‘Further comparison might be made between the stalked and vase-shaped vesicles found on some fossil cells with the oogonia of certain living Vaucheria species.’
    • ‘‘Oomycota’ means ‘egg fungi,’ and refers to the large round oogonia, or structures containing the female gametes, as shown in this picture of the common ‘water mold’ Saprolegnia.’
  • 2Biology
    An immature female reproductive cell that gives rise to primary oocytes by mitosis.

    • ‘Meiosis occurs just before mating in well-differentiated oogonia and antheridia.’
    • ‘In most crustaceans, the production of primary oocytes derived from oogonia continues throughout adult life.’
    • ‘Hypotheses were developed to explain why stem-line oogonia are restricted to the anterior region of the ovary, how the branching pattern of the cystocyte cluster arises, or why only one of the two pro-oocytes becomes the oocyte.’
    • ‘In the case of developing eggs, the diploid oogonia continue to divide mitotically for a short time in the ovary.’
    • ‘The oogonia multiply by mitosis, but early in fetal life, they enter meiosis.’


Mid 19th century: from oo- ‘of an egg’ + Greek gonos ‘generation’ + -ium.