Definition of oogamous in English:



  • Relating to or denoting reproduction by the union of mobile male and immobile female gametes.

    • ‘Identification of the charophycean lineage as the sister group of land plants suggests that their common ancestor was a branched, filamentous organism with a haplontic life cycle and oogamous reproduction.’
    • ‘All are filamentous, oogamous, and have net-like chloroplasts.’
    • ‘Sexual reproduction is known only in two genera: Botrydium, in which the sex cells are isogamous, and Vaucheria, in which the cells are oogamous.’
    • ‘Oomycetes are oogamous, producing large non-motile gametes called eggs, and smaller gametes called sperm.’
    • ‘Particularly in oogamous species, uniparental inheritance of mitochondria has been attributed to the small number of mitochondria in the male gamete.’