Definition of Oodnagalahbi in English:


(also Oodnagalahby, Oodnagalahbie)


  • An imaginary place, extremely remote and supposedly backward.

    ‘I drove through Kickastickalong, then turned left at Oodnagalahbi’
    • ‘Greetings to the folk in Woop woop from the folks in Oodnagalahbi.’
    • ‘Bullamakanka belongs on the same imaginary map as 'Oodnagalahbi', and 'Woop Woop'.’
    • ‘Oodnagalahbi has been twinned with Oodnadatta: a small town in Western Australia.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, Oodnagalahbi was but a collection of fishermen's shacks and a small hotel.’
    • ‘All this would probably have happened even if Kennett had saved the little one-roomed school in Oodnagalahbi North.’
    • ‘I and fellow scientists from The University of Oodnagalahbi have determined that at the present rate of atmospheric heating, life as we know it on the planet will cease at 1.27pm on 23 of January 2023.’
    • ‘I drove through sleeping Buggorup, and then turned west towards Oodnagalahbi and the sea.’
    • ‘Even phone cards got tricky up in the hills—you pull up at some place the equivalent of " oodnagalahby", and the only phone is a company your card doesn't work with.’
    • ‘Their great-grandfather changed the first light bulb in Oodnagalahbi in 1923.’
    • ‘When we're told that we'll need a cut lunch and a waterbag to get to Oodnagalahby, we get exactly the right impression: it's a long way off.’


1960s: from the name of Oodnadatta (a small, remote town in South Australia) + galah (in the sense ‘stupid person’) + bi.