Definition of onside kick in English:

onside kick

(also onsides kick)


American Football
  • An intentionally short kick-off that travels forward only slightly further than the legally required distance of 10 yards, and which the kicking team attempts to recover.

    • ‘I would practice kickoffs and onside kicks, but when it came time to practice field goals, you're at the mercy of how much time the holder and snapper can give you.’
    • ‘A player catches two touchdowns, the game winning two-pointer, recovers an onside kick, and makes a game-saving tackle in less than a minute.’
    • ‘They scored a touchdown, then recovered an onside kick, then threw a Hail Mary that was caught in the endzone as time expired.’
    • ‘We decided to go for an onside kick, which we recovered.’
    • ‘After the score, Houston attempted a surprise onside kick, but failed to recover.’