Definition of onset in English:



  • 1The beginning of something, especially something unpleasant.

    ‘the onset of winter’
    as modifier, in combination ‘early-onset Alzheimer's disease’
    • ‘Some of those that survive the summer do not grow large enough to leave with their parents on the fall migration, and die with the onset of winter.’
    • ‘Many patients trace the onset of IBS to episodes of gastro intestinal infections, gastro intestinal surgery or severe stress.’
    • ‘If the fish have got used to the sudden onset of winter that arrived unannounced last week, then some good sport can be expected from the roach population of the waters below the city.’
    • ‘For many patients the onset of EPS is gradual, and if it occurs, can be treated with anticholinergic medication.’
    • ‘But whatever happens with the clocks, I guess few things can help the slow onset of the winter blues.’
    • ‘At least five per cent of all MS patients experience the onset of their disease before the age of 18.’
    • ‘The fish on Maple Lake at the Oaks are starting to shoal up in the deeper water with the onset of winter.’
    • ‘Normally, an extended period of milder weather which delays the onset of winter's extremes would be seen as a cause for heartfelt celebration.’
    • ‘The mischief makers achieved their target as they hogged the headlines in the wake of the traditional celebration to mark the onset of winter.’
    • ‘The parents said they then witnessed a regression in their children's behaviour and speech, as well as the onset of an unpleasant bowel disorder.’
    • ‘Physically and mentally frail, he is considered incapable of penning his own memoirs and is said to have only limited capacity for spilling his story owing to the onset of dementia.’
    • ‘He has produced a set of seven steps to keep your mind nimble, steps which may even postpone the onset of dementia, but which at least will probably give your mind a lift.’
    • ‘This year that week was September 20-26, to allow for applications to be processed in time for the onset of the British winter.’
    • ‘Autumn is the traditional time for planting because at this time of year, the soil is still warm, allowing plants to settle and even establish a little before the onset of winter.’
    • ‘The onset of winter appears to have been delayed, throwing many plants into confusion.’
    • ‘At that point, a number of drugs in clinical trials could be administered that may postpone or perhaps prevent the onset of dementia.’
    • ‘Already this year, the number of deaths has reached 32 and emergency chiefs fear the onset of poor winter weather may bring more.’
    • ‘The country is also bracing itself for the onset of winter, with temperatures expected to plummet tomorrow and hover just above freezing on December 25.’
    • ‘However in some patients, the onset of symptoms is sudden; this is usually seen in patients with a neurological basis for their illness.’
    • ‘One patient had a late onset of respiratory failure at 144 hours after surgery.’
    start, beginning, arrival, appearance, first appearance, opening, outset, inception
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    1. 1.1archaic A military attack.
      attack, assault, offensive, onslaught, offence, drive, push, thrust, onrush, sortie, sally, swoop, foray, raid, invasion, incursion, campaign
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