Definition of only just in English:

only just


  • 1By a very small margin; almost not.

    ‘the building survived the earthquake, but only just’
    • ‘It might have been spring, but only just barely, and winter was still clinging to the town of Stancorrie.’
    • ‘With just seconds to spare, Anelka only just escaped a £120 bill and being towed away.’
    • ‘At the moment I'm earning a very basic wage, only just enough to keep going.’
    • ‘The passage here is so narrow that the big male can only just squeeze through.’
    • ‘Get back to water they did, but only just, and Stuart, his men and horses were lucky to escape.’
    • ‘Though only just due to earthquakes and typhoons, but like Gloria Gaynor, we have survived.’
    • ‘As recently as 1998 the average house price was only just over four times the cost of a Mondeo.’
    • ‘So often you see club golfers arriving in a rush, only just in time for their tee-off.’
    • ‘The road has been made so narrow in places that buses and lorries can only just get through.’
    • ‘Even after three days, I'm only just getting the hang of what to look for on the mass of blue below.’
    at most, at best, just, only just, no more than, not more than, as little as
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    1. 1.1 Very recently.
      ‘I'd only just arrived back from Paris’
      • ‘Fr Jim was at home on holidays recently and has only just returned to his Kenyan base.’
      • ‘I transferred a grand to my UK account recently and it only just put me back in the black.’
      • ‘She had only just arrived in this country from Jamaica and was due to start primary school this week.’
      • ‘You have only just arrived, and are both tired and are not thinking properly.’
      • ‘She has only just arrived for our interview but has been called back to her newspaper with a crisis pending.’
      • ‘Their best and brightest will have either left the cabinet or have only just arrived.’
      • ‘Most French bombers were still obsolete, and the newer models were only just starting to arrive.’
      • ‘She added that the report had only just arrived at the department and no decisions had yet been taken.’
      • ‘We had appalling service and replacement kitchen units have only just arrived.’
      • ‘She sounded exhausted, and Liena guessed that, wherever she was, she had only just arrived.’
      recently, just, just recently, only just, lately, freshly, not long ago, a short time ago, just a short time ago, a moment ago, just a moment ago, only now, of late, new-
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