Definition of online banking in English:

online banking


mass noun
  • A method of banking in which transactions are conducted electronically over the Internet.

    ‘some customers have concerns about the security of online banking’
    • ‘You can either choose to pay via online banking or to provide your account details.’
    • ‘Visitors were sent to a site harbours a series of Trojan Horses that aim to steal confidential information from infected PCs, including sensitive online banking account details.’
    • ‘In general, online banking tends to be a little bit safer because there isn't a paper trail.’
    • ‘Online banking costs banks less to process than over-the-counter transactions.’
    • ‘The company announced that it would be using the technology to facilitate its own online banking.’
    • ‘With online banking, I can see exactly what funds are at my disposal.’
    • ‘Emails and webpages contain viruses with keystroke loggers that capture customers' online banking passwords.’
    • ‘If you do online banking, you need to be sure your connection is the correct one, not a site posing as your bank.’
    • ‘Allegedly, approximately $30 million is said to have been stolen from online banking customers.’
    • ‘Experts have warned about the dangers of online banking after a security breach.’