Definition of onerously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəʊn(ə)rəsli//ˈɒn(ə)rəsli/


  • See onerous

    • ‘The consumer usually has to pay some part of the accommodation cost, but more onerously, must also pay for flights, supplements and taxes.’
    • ‘The result is that the more our government tries to impose impractical and onerously expensive legislation on to UK farming the more sub-standard produce will enter our country.’
    • ‘In this time, that chaos is being unleashed by neoconservative actions within capitalism that are bearing down increasingly onerously on the lives of the young, women, working people and the poor generally.’
    • ‘In the mainland, conversely, ICBC's poor management, low pay, onerously high staffing levels and bulky branch network hamstrings many necessary reforms.’
    • ‘Appearing onerously in both Matrix sequels, the Merovingian is a cartoon diagram of a European filled in with the usual stoner musings of the Wachowski brothers.’