Definition of oneness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

    ‘the oneness of all suffering people’
    • ‘They all come together not under the banner of assimilation or oneness, but of coexistence.’
    • ‘She also seeks total oneness between the dancing partners and to see the spirit of the dancers escape into the performance.’
    • ‘It should be noted here that even the old trade unionism of being confrontational is being discarded to a much more humane approach that encourages partnership and oneness.’
    • ‘Very novel for Hindus, they are beginning to assert themselves at the polls in hitherto unexpressed sense of oneness.’
    • ‘His religion, politics, socio-economics and conduct are hinged on unity of God, oneness of humanity, truths love and compassion.’
    • ‘As I've become more and more involved in social action, I see the issue of oneness and diversity not only as a primary issue in Zen practice, but perhaps as the issue in the peace-making world.’
    • ‘Driven by a sense of beauty and oneness of the human race, the filmmaker views cinema as a vehicle to connect with all humanity.’
    • ‘The universality of which I feel confident, however, is the essential oneness that underlies the diversity of life forms, and the equality and inherent worth of all dimensions of infinity.’
    • ‘It allows for the eternal individuality of all things without the loss of oneness or harmony.’
    • ‘There is too - you saw it here today - a feeling of oneness as the country celebrates continuity and a stable political process.’
    • ‘It gives a sense of oneness among the Zambians because there is only one Zambia.’
    • ‘They face each other, and their signing, more excited than ever, turns into a ballet of arms and hands, a pantomime of two bodies groping their way toward oneness, and perhaps even a kind of secular prayer.’
    • ‘For North - for Maga - union extends beyond the British isles to the empire as a whole: ‘the conception of the greatness and oneness of the Empire’.’
    • ‘They have set themselves the lofty goal of promoting oneness in the banking sector with the ultimate aim to raise funds for the vulnerable people in society.’
    • ‘The Indian attitude towards all living things grows out of the Hindu view of the unity or oneness of all life.’
    • ‘Vedanta allowed this sense of oneness while promoting an infinite variety and variation in religious thought.’
    • ‘It would be a sad day when we all dropped our cultural identities in favour of some kind of fused oneness.’
    • ‘There are intrinsic psychic processes that determine our experience of the subject-cum-object: they can be experienced as a fused unity and oneness, or as separate and demarcated entities.’
    • ‘A land which has always mystified and enchanted the west with its boundless diversity yet somehow oneness.’
    • ‘In particular, Quaker tradition, with its unifying sense of humanity's spiritual oneness, had laid the cornerstone of much early pacifist campaigning.’
    identity, identicalness, selfsameness, congruity, congruence
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    1. 1.1 The state of being in harmony with someone or something.
      ‘a strong sense of oneness is felt with all things’
      • ‘From a conceptual standpoint, Osain herbalism is a religion, a philosophy, and a science, Born from this concept is the idea that oneness with the Creative Essence brings about a wholeness in the human essence.’
      • ‘Under that plump moon and the glowering gaze of the Matterhorn, we understood why the Swiss feel an almost mystical sense of oneness with the pile of rock.’
      • ‘The Shalom of God will be that place where all Christians, all people of faith, in fact all of creation, will find a renewed oneness and renewed wholeness with and in God.’
      • ‘It is, I believe, vital that the human race develop a sense of oneness to usher in an era of harmony and peace.’
      • ‘We lost the experience of oneness, of the essential dignity of human existence, the sense of awe and mystery at the heart of existence, a reverence for life, which is the basis of all spiritual traditions.’
      • ‘So I try to tune in to see if that universal consciousness, that oneness that we all can tap into, that creative place, if that is at a balanced place, if it makes sense when the grandmother comes in and says it.’
      • ‘It is not only in the Judeo-Christian religions that this imperative sense of oneness with the rest of creation is manifest.’
      • ‘This representation, of course, creates a connection between the Islamic theological concept of oneness and the concept of mass society that confines the population to sameness.’
      • ‘Kalabhavan, which has student strength of over 3,000, has been celebrating religious functions of all communities, thus creating a feeling of oneness in the minds of the youngsters, he said.’
      • ‘When the meditator felt the sense of oneness developing - usually after about an hour - they would tug on a string.’
      • ‘It also helps enhance a sense of oneness with the gods, a deeper understanding that, ‘There is no part of me that is not of the gods.’’
      • ‘We are all one under the sun and through art I am able to express that oneness.’
      • ‘Singing in choirs can also bring a sense of peace and oneness.’
      • ‘History cast its shadow on the whole idea of oneness and fellow-feeling.’
      • ‘Doctors, accountants, academicians, engineers and business persons based in South Africa apart from using the association to create oneness, should aim at exposing Zambia positively in that country.’
      • ‘But the ethics of practice call upon the practitioner to learn how to take her or his place in the phenomenal world in full cognisance of the truths of love, oneness, non-harming and interdependency.’
      • ‘Rabbi and Sensei Don Ani Shalom Singer puts it this way ‘that Zen and Judaism are simply vocabularies for oneness and wholeness’.’
      • ‘What now seems so strange to us is that Pythagoras would not have understood how there could be any distinction between his mathematical ideas and his mystical beliefs about immortality and oneness with the Cosmos.’
      • ‘Its symbolism speaks to them of service, communion, mutual forgiveness, oneness, and recognition of the fact that their bodies are temples of the Spirit.’
      • ‘I tell my children to hug the trees, so that they can feel the warmth and oneness with Nature.’
      concord, accord, agreement, peace, peacefulness, amity, amicability, friendship, fellowship, comradeship, solidarity, cooperation, understanding, consensus, unity, sympathy, rapport, goodwill, like-mindedness
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  • 2The fact or state of being one in number.

    ‘holding to the oneness of God the Father as the only God’
    • ‘But then we reiterate our belief in God's oneness before asking Him for protection against evil that may come from within ourselves or from Satan.’
    • ‘One way of understanding God's oneness is to imagine light shining through a prism.’
    • ‘The defeat shook many of the Muslims who could not understand how Allah would allow people who associate partners with Him to triumph over the believers who followed the Prophet and were firm in their belief in the oneness of Allah.’
    • ‘I still prefer blogs to boards because I prefer oneness to multiplicity.’
    • ‘But to whomever he talked, the Prophet stressed God's oneness and that the belief in His oneness is the key to faith.’
    • ‘If a prophet advocated belief in God's oneness and used a different name of God, that would be confusing to the addressees.’
    • ‘The first and most important is the belief in the absolute oneness of God, the unitary nature of the divinity that allows for no pantheon of saints, demigods or divine consorts and children.’
    • ‘Monotheism, the belief in the oneness of the Divine, can be deduced from different sources of inspiration, not merely the Bible or the Quran.’
    • ‘As Anglicans, as Christians, we are called to live beyond ourselves trusting that God will use us to effect God's restoration to unity, God's redemption of creation to wholeness and oneness in Christ.’
    • ‘The central belief in Islam is in the oneness of God, whose truths were revealed through the prophet Muhammad.’
    • ‘In the first, the oneness of nationhood is authoritarian - centralized, homogenous, dominated by a single individual, a single party, a single ethnicity.’
    • ‘We want her to be a Prime Minister, because she belongs to a family which has laid down their lives for this country, for the integrity of this country, for the oneness of this country.’
    • ‘The fractional entities of vitality are embraced in the oneness of the unitary Ego.’
    • ‘In London, in the presence of six Muslim scholars, he affirmed his belief in ‘the oneness of God and the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad’.’
    • ‘It's a process of coming to clarity about ourselves, of coming to wholeness, of coming to oneness inside.’
    singleness, wholeness, entity, integrity, undividedness, cohesion, coherence, congruity, congruence, uniformity, homogeneity, identity, sameness
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