Definition of one nation in English:

one nation


  • often as modifier A nation not divided by social inequality.

    ‘one-nation Tories’
    • ‘What I feel in regard to all the empires of the past, and even in regard to the United States, is that the effort has always been towards forming one nation.’
    • ‘The same is true in the specialist agencies - one nation one vote.’
    • ‘We are one Ummah and one nation we are all brothers and sisters.’
    • ‘The Tory party have gone from being a one nation party to being a one-issue party.’
    • ‘It is the religious duty of Indian Muslims to forge the bond of love in all sincerity with Hindus of India and become one nation along with them.’
    • ‘We used to be one nation, undivided, under three networks, three car companies and two brands of toothpaste for all.’
    • ‘It used to be a one nation party: it turned into a one-issue party.’
    • ‘Congress and the President have made a big deal about this being one nation under God, but what sort of God do they have in mind?’
    • ‘We've got to teach every American, wherever they came from, the English language so we can be one nation and one people.’
    • ‘Can you have one nation with more than one system of values?’