Definition of one-woman show in English:

one-woman show


  • 1A show performed by one woman only.

    ‘I went to see her on stage in her one-woman show’
    • ‘They just love musical-comedy personalities and they usually come to one-woman shows.’
    • ‘Next year I'm doing a one-woman show on Broadway.’
    • ‘I want to tour the world with my one-woman show.’
    • ‘She began creating her own vehicles: two one-woman shows that can be adapted to full-scale theaters or intimate nightclubs.’
    • ‘On Thursday night I went to see Sarah Silverman's one-woman show, Jesus is Magic.’
    • ‘We learned today Somers is starring in a one-woman show, called "The Blond in the Thunderbird."’
    • ‘The most recent play to surprise me was a one-woman show called Nine Parts of Desire.’
    • ‘She is an actor-turned writer in a one-woman show.’
    • ‘Now Kate Mulgrew portrays her in Matthew Lombardo's Tea at Five, an almost two-hour one-woman show.’
    • ‘Landau initially wrote the play as a one-woman show, as part of her theatre degree at York University.’
    1. 1.1 An exhibition of the work of one female artist.
      ‘she had a one-woman show at the new Tate St Ives’
      • ‘She always kept up her own work as an artist, and from the 1960s she had numerous one-woman shows.’
      • ‘I managed to create 60 paintings for my first one-woman show.’
      • ‘She had a one-woman show at the governor's mansion for the month of July.’
      • ‘Her first one-woman show, at the Bertha Schaefer Gallery, New York, in 1945, included drawings, prints, and wood sculpture.’
      • ‘Several one-woman shows at galleries nationwide have garnered her critical acclaim.’
      • ‘Her first one-woman show was in 1915 and after the First World War she achieved critical and financial success.’
      • ‘He gave O'Keeffe her first one-woman show in 1917.’
      • ‘Initially she worked in conventional media in painting and sculpture, but from 1960 (the year of her first one-woman show at the Galerie Kordegarda, Warsaw) she concentrated on textiles.’
      • ‘She'd also found a gallery to host a one-woman show of her work.’
      • ‘She is about ready to show the paintings she has been working on during that time at a one-woman show in New York.’
    2. 1.2 A situation dominated by or reliant on one woman.
      ‘the second set became a one-woman show as the 22-year-old outplayed her opponent’
      • ‘Rose started the business as a one-woman show in Lismore, and her programs proved so popular she soon had nine franchise outlets across NSW.’
      • ‘The project is a one-woman show, created entirely by Nina Paley, a New York-based cartoonist.’
      • ‘I am a one-woman show, after all.’
      • ‘It seems to be burgeoning from a one-woman show to a more business-like entity.’
      • ‘It is surely time to examine the purpose of Scottish Financial Enterprise, an organisation that is barely more than a one-woman show without an act.’
      • ‘Her volunteer work is a one-woman show, based in a study in her carpeted attic.’
      • ‘She not only builds relationships with people, she is a one-woman show!’
      • ‘The business would have been a one-woman show.’
      • ‘I was just a one-woman show trying to sell my dresses to boutiques.’
      • ‘At the very least, Warnaco no longer looks like a one-woman show.’