Definition of one-two in English:



  • 1A pair of punches delivered in quick succession with alternate hands.

    • ‘She served up a spectacular one-two punch in her first two years as a pro.’
    • ‘But if Pentham's goal was a real sucker punch then the one-two combination in the first four minutes had Teachers reeling on the ropes.’
    • ‘The angel looked up in time to be knocked back again by a one-two punch from Shadow.’
    • ‘Woo, who had previously tackled kung fu as well as staid dramedies, set about changing that with the one-two punch of The Killer and then Hard Boiled.’
  • 2Soccer
    A move in which a player plays a short pass to a teammate and moves forward to receive an immediate return pass.

    ‘the midfielder played a one-two with Dowie’
    • ‘A great day for Bramhope was rounded off when Smyth ran almost the length of the field, played a one-two with Murphy and finished from a very tight angle.’
    • ‘Rooney plays a one-two with Beckham - not sure how much Beckham knew about it, mind - and tries a shot.’
    • ‘They may come deep to collect the ball, but they are still forwards, which means they are often closely marked and need to get into space to create, either off the dribble or by playing short one-twos.’
    • ‘His weighted return ball in the one-two with Goodman for the opening goal was sublime and set the tone for his afternoon's work.’
    • ‘Richardson started the attack down the left, played a one-two with Stockdale before checking inside and passing to Houlston.’
    • ‘Ricksen played a one-two with Namouchi and after the Dutchman had raced some 60 yards upfield he played Arveladze in.’
    • ‘And there was better to come two minutes later when Scholes played a one-two with Solskjaer before smashing a shot past the Irishman.’
    • ‘Came on for his customary pensioned half an hour and immediately tried a cute one-two with Scholes which didn't come off.’
    • ‘Poborsky goes on a surging run, cuts in from the right, picks up a lovely one-two from a team-mate on the edge of the box and shoots just over the United bar.’
    • ‘Superb run from Gattuso, jinking in and out of the reach of successive United players, making a one-two with Kaka and getting a shot off on the way to the deck.’
    • ‘Hughes the defender, played a one-two with Tommy Mooney before crashing the ball past Neil Patterson and into the Villa net.’
    • ‘Lofthouse played a one-two with McKain delivering a measured pass over the defence which left Connolly through on goal.’
    • ‘They are more effective at creating openings by beating defenders off the dribble or playing short one-twos and getting the ball back.’
    • ‘Edmilson surged forward from the back, worked a flamboyant one-two with Ronaldo and smashed the ball home with a bicycle kick from the edge of the six-yard box.’
    • ‘He burst forward on a powerful run up the left, played a one-two with Spencer, sped on and crossed low across the goal.’
    • ‘Ljungberg, picking the ball up outside the area after 17 minutes, played a one-two with Henry, took the ball to the left of Martyn and slid it into an empty net.’
    • ‘In the opening minute Gillespie played a one-two with Healy which ripped apart the Wales defence.’
    • ‘From the free-kick, Williams race forward, played a one-two with Reeves again, before firing home from tight angle.’
    • ‘Murphy moved forward with a one-two with Black, the slither proceeded to McAvoy.’
    • ‘The move ends with a hopeless attempt at a one-two.’