Definition of one-time pad in English:

one-time pad


  • A pad of keys for a cipher, each page being destroyed after one use, so that each message is sent using a different key.

    • ‘If you think you know how to do key management, but you don't have much confidence in your ability to design good ciphers, a one-time pad might make sense.’
    • ‘Our cipher system was the one-time pad, considered foolproof in that precomputer age.’
    • ‘There's no such thing as a free lunch, and if you want the unconditional security of a one-time pad, you have to pay for it with long keys.’
    • ‘These quantum keys, once exchanged, can be used in a one-time pad.’
    • ‘With these unique properties, Bodacions make perfect session ID's, order numbers, customer ID's, cryptographic one-time pads, or any number that needs to be unique, non-repeating, and difficult to guess.’
    • ‘I was under the impression that the ‘hotline’ that the US prez and the UK PM used to chat to each other uses one-time pad encryption and is therefore uncrackable.’
    • ‘It's a one-time pad, which is reason enough to doghouse these guys.’
    • ‘The classic example of a perfectly secure cipher system is the one-time pad.’
    • ‘The first three digits of the message would indicate whether a live message was included for him, in which case he would scroll out the message, contained in five-digit groups, and decode the message using his one-time pad.’
    • ‘By the way, please remind your readers that even one-time pads are insecure, if somebody uses a ‘random ‘generator like C-library's rand to generate the pads.’’
    • ‘Kind of like calling a stream cipher a one-time pad.’
    • ‘The first technique, called a one-time pad, uses an encryption key that is as long as the message you are trying to encrypt.’
    • ‘All the agent needs is an innocent looking radio and the right cipher to decode the message using the one-time pad cryptosystem.’