Definition of one-tailed in English:



  • Denoting a test for deviation from the null hypothesis in one direction only.

    • ‘All hypotheses were examined using one-tailed tests, as all were directional.’
    • ‘Because the effects of specialization on taxonomic diversity are uncertain, we performed one-tailed tests in the direction of decreased species diversity and then repeated the tests in the direction of increased species diversity.’
    • ‘Tests of statistical significance of the estimated parameters were set at the .05 level, one-tailed tests were used where hypotheses were directional, two-tailed when there was no directional hypothesis.’
    • ‘The data were analyzed for statistical significance with a one-tailed binomial test with = 0.05.’
    • ‘We set the 95% confidence limits for this one-tailed test using coalescence simulations that incorporate genetic drift due to the domestication bottleneck.’
    • ‘In this study, tests for associations between insertions as a class and variation in bristle number were assessed using a permutation-based one-tailed test of significance.’
    • ‘The need to use distributions can sometimes be avoided if one can diagnose the direction in which the model is deviating with respect to the data and then make a one-tailed test.’
    • ‘We report results for one-tailed tests because of a-priori directional hypotheses.’
    • ‘Directed tests are a useful alternative to one-tailed tests and provide the safeguard that results in the opposite direction to those predicted can be interpreted statistically.’
    • ‘This yields the probability that the observed and for windows around test sites were lower than expected under the null hypothesis (thus, this is a one-tailed test).’
    • ‘If our observed value fell within the top 500 rank among 10000 sets in a population, we concluded that there was significant size asymmetry using a one-tailed test.’
    • ‘In addition, only a one-tailed test was evaluated.’
    • ‘The figures also give the regression lines, the Pearson's rs and the corresponding directed p-values; we use directed instead of one-tailed tests to avoid inflation of the alpha value.’
    • ‘We used two-tailed tests (unless otherwise stated), directed tests when the direction of a test could be prescribed a priori, and one-tailed tests when the outcome of the experiment was predicted from our previous data.’
    • ‘Where appropriate, significance tests were one-tailed and were corrected by the sequential Bonferroni method to control the Type I error rate.’
    • ‘Because the critical region for all alternative hypotheses would consist of only one side of the distribution, we conducted one-tailed tests.’
    • ‘Therefore, we performed what is analogous to a one-tailed test with the null hypothesis that occupancy rate and pf of territories were correlated using an information-theoretic approach.’
    • ‘Tests of significance were two tailed, except for tests of correlation for which one-tailed tests are appropriate.’
    • ‘Of the 131 allele frequency tests, 69 were significant by one-tailed tests.’
    • ‘The negative effect remained and was marginally significant at p <.10 in a one-tailed test for patents below the 40-percent cutoff and continued to be negative but not significant up to the 60-percent cutoff.’