Definition of one-pub in English:



  • attributive (of a town) small and with few and poor facilities.

    ‘the township where once thousands thronged is now a dreamy little one-pub place’
    • ‘He lived in Skipton UK and had visited Skipton Australia, and warned that the Australian Skipton was a "one pub town".’
    • ‘It passes through Craighouse, Jura's one-shop, one-pub, one-garage town, dominated by its distillery.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old star was recently on location in the dusty, one-pub town of Marree while he filmed a forthcoming crime drama.’
    • ‘He wouldn't last five minutes in the baking heat of Marree, a one-pub town 650km north of Adelaide.’
    • ‘Word gets around a one-pub town very effectively.’
    • ‘The beauty of Northies is that it is a one-pub area.’
    • ‘We were in a one-pub town about six hours north of Adelaide, nestled in the Flinders Ranges.’
    • ‘A sleepy one-pub hamlet halfway between Port Lincoln and Streaky Bay, Elliston has one thing in abundance—waves.’
    • ‘On this route we shoot through from a one-pub town where the afternoon beer queue, on the first and last truly hot and sunny day, is so long that one trip to the bar is all you get.’
    • ‘I remember finding myself in a one-pub town in the far north of Queensland.’