Definition of one-piece in English:



  • (especially of an article of clothing) made or consisting of a single piece.

    ‘a one-piece swimsuit’
    • ‘As Lucia strode to her locker she passed a group of three girls slipping into their dark blue one-piece swimsuits.’
    • ‘I must have 5 or more one-piece bathing suits - usually a few in my car, some in my bag, one at work.’
    • ‘Figure contests include a two-piece swimsuit round and a one-piece swimsuit round, with judges analyzing physiques and presentation.’
    • ‘The first time I wore a one-piece swimsuit in public was on holiday. It was a hot sunny day near the pool at the hotel.’
    • ‘The white one-piece swimsuit she wore had been fitted with button clips - like the ones put on ski coats - at the shoulder straps and around the leg holes.’
    • ‘All the men wore grey one-piece suits and had turbans that completely hid their features from her vision.’
    • ‘Feeling very exposed and insecure, I persistently tugged on my one-piece swimsuit, hoping that it would cover more skin.’
    • ‘She has blue pigtails and a white bikini one minute, a black bob and schoolgirl one-piece swimsuit the next.’
    • ‘On each occasion, she said, she was wearing a terrycloth robe over a black, one-piece Speedo swimsuit.’
    • ‘The Fellhotel Iso-Syote supplies all the necessary snow gear, from one-piece snow suits to thermal gloves and balaclavas.’
    • ‘The robe gapped open at the neck to reveal a bright yellow one-piece swimsuit.’
    • ‘Shrugging off that thought, she dressed in a one-piece swimsuit, covering it with a t-shirt and cut-off shorts.’
    • ‘Kathrine wore a purple one-piece swimsuit which she was not afraid to wear.’
    • ‘The men wore knee length wrap-around skirts or kilt like woollens as well as tunics, cloaks and even one-piece garments.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the dark-haired woman, who after all these years I still remember so vividly, wears an unbelievably sexy one-piece outfit that appears to be sewn from rags.’
    • ‘In winter a 7mm semi-drysuit and hood is recommended, in summer a 3 or 5mm one-piece wetsuit.’
    • ‘You wear a T-shirt, but you also take a North Pole-tested one-piece snowsuit and wader-dungarees, just in case.’
    • ‘Yet it seemed good enough to hand Jenny the title when packaged with the best physique on display in the one-piece swimsuit round that closes the show.’
    • ‘The main garment is the del, a long, one-piece gown made from wool.’
    • ‘She was wearing a simple, one-piece white sundress held up by two, almost invisible, pastel yellow straps - the darn things kept slipping off!’


  • An article of clothing made or consisting of a single piece.

    ‘I was wearing a tight black one-piece’
    • ‘This year the bikini, in its most minimal variations, wins hands down over the one-piece.’
    • ‘She dressed less conservatively than most elves Jacob had seen, as he didn't think most of the woman elves he'd seen would have worn a bikini, more like something in a one-piece.’
    • ‘Browns in Davygate also sells separates as well as one-pieces.’
    • ‘When they arrived, Sofia answered the door in a green one-piece.’
    • ‘In a one-piece, look for horizontal stripes on the abdomen or sheer middle inserts.’
    • ‘There were sunglasses propped up on each of our heads and we were in bikinis; Danielle made me wear one when I was going for a one-piece.’
    • ‘I suddenly felt like I wanted to be in a one-piece again.’
    • ‘‘During the holidays, I forgot I was nursing and wore a one-piece, full-length dress,’ recalls Pinczuk.’
    • ‘She was wearing a red one-piece that was cheap, but looked nice.’
    • ‘The former was mainly worn by women and the one-piece by men.’
    • ‘And she said she discovered that one-pieces could actually be sexy when she was shot for the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ in a one - piece.’
    • ‘There are attractive, yet attractively practical one-pieces which are nearly athletic in styling.’
    • ‘Further out, up to her waist, an elderly matron in a voluminous one-piece holds a walkman in upraised arms and belts out the chorus to an opera.’
    • ‘I was wearing a mega-padded one-piece, and I still looked concave.’
    • ‘I noticed that Bailey was wearing a bathing suit material skirt over her white one-piece.’
    • ‘For one-pieces, make sure the torso isn't too long.’
    • ‘I was glad I had at least elected not to wear a one-piece, because I would have been the only guest in attendance to do so.’
    • ‘There was one other guest by the pool, an old, old woman in a one-piece with a skirt, wearing a sunhat tilted to shade her from the last of the pounding Florida sun.’
    • ‘So instead of a two-piece suit, Miss Indonesia will wear a one-piece.’
    • ‘Having decided, she carefully walked over to her tall boy, as to not bump into anything, opened a drawer and fished out what looked like a one-piece.’