Definition of one-nighter in English:



  • A one-night stand.

    • ‘In honour of its 10th anniversary, the Fringe presents 10 x 10, a series of one-nighters celebrating Fringes past.’
    • ‘A New York Friends of French Opera group that had been putting on one-nighters at Carnegie Hall for 20 years raised sponsorship to have this expensive antiquity put on record.’
    • ‘A notorious boozer and hellraiser, the guy is particularly well known for persuading his endless series of one-nighters to ‘slip into something comfortable.’’
    • ‘She has had five serious relationships the rest have all been short flings, one-nighters and so on.’
    • ‘Ryder's continued recording and performing to this day, and following Saturday's show at Healey's, he'll be setting off for a month-long string of one-nighters across Europe, where he maintains a loyal fan base.’
    • ‘Close to home, both infinitheatre and Playwrights' Workshop have one-nighters of note coming up.’
    • ‘Gigging players should get a separate folding stand for one-nighters.’
    • ‘I brooded about it for days afterward, and even followed up that encounter with a one-nighter with one of the participants.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Theresa's would-be one-nighter has landed her deep into a mess of murder, crime and corruption.’
    • ‘Well, I'm on the road, working theaters, one-nighters everywhere.’
    • ‘As a matter of fact, we both - I hate to say how long ago it was - but we were doing one-nighters, the Loews Pitkin, Loews Melba.’
    • ‘Back in the early 90s, he and I were doing a one-nighter together in a hellhole in upper Michigan.’
    • ‘I've had my share of one-nighters, and I can't say that I regret any of them.’
    • ‘So if you want a long-termer, or a one-nighter, you got it;’
    • ‘My first voyage after I returned as drummer for The Neurotics in late 2000 was a one-nighter to New York City.’
    • ‘We didn't have a thing or anything - she'd sworn off relationships forever after a one-nighter with a Brad Pitt-like guy gave her ‘the bug,’ as she put it - but man was she a looker.’
    • ‘I even have a guy in mind, who I'm sure would be up for a one-nighter.’
    • ‘‘We have to include a one-nighter,’ the staple of comic road warriors everywhere.’
    • ‘Never slowing his pace, Sandow toured around Britain for three months in 1890, doing one-nighters or staying a few days at one venue.’
    • ‘In ten months, we played more than 200 one-nighters, hauling huge mounds of equipment and luggage around on every conceivable mode of transportation.’