Definition of one-legged in English:



  • Having or using only one leg.

    ‘the one-legged skier Toby Kane’
    • ‘The News Editor sent me out to tour shoe shops and find out what one-legged men did with the other shoe.’
    • ‘It somehow reminded her of the sad, lonely, young one-legged soldier she had seen on TV.’
    • ‘The unit recently shot a stunt sequence with its one-legged hero.’
    • ‘To prep for these moves, she recommends one-legged squats.’
    • ‘A 10-year-old one-legged footballer has amazed a soccer scout with his "tremendous determination".’
    • ‘She was the one-legged dancing wonder.’
    • ‘He's pictured offering hard cider to visitors, one of whom is a one-legged veteran.’
    • ‘The renowned one-legged rider zoomed past him.’
    • ‘I take a look around the classroom and notice I stand out like the one-legged man in a kicking contest.’
    • ‘Then a one-legged man stumbles by on crutches - more than likely maimed by a mine.’