Definition of one-horse town in English:

one-horse town


  • A small town with few and poor facilities.

    • ‘He was a dedicated man to his job and helped in no small way to put the one-horse town of Milltown on the map.’
    • ‘Sadly, I not only originate from the same one-horse town as Glen, but also used to live on the same street.’
    • ‘In a one-horse town so small that it doesn't even have a horse - or a name - a collection of friendly talking animals live out their days skipping rope and playing by the watering hole.’
    • ‘The Hick-Ups sing songs about one-horse towns, rodeo clowns and girls with holes in their stockings.’
    • ‘Got driven in a brand-new Mitsubishi Pajero out to the one-horse town of Gundaroo, where I lunched at the Cork St Cafe, and consumed one of their awesome, award-winning pizzas.’
    • ‘All kinds of breeders, riders, grooms and horse-lovers have descended on the RDS Showgrounds for the annual pilgrimage to prove that Dublin is far from being a one-horse town.’
    • ‘Hope it's all been a blast - I imagine you'll be travelling around the place by now, so maybe you'll be picking this up at some tiny Internet cafe in a tin shack in some obscure one-horse town in the depths of the Andes.’
    • ‘All the rest of the time it was a sex free zone, very hard work, flying through the night and staying in motels in one-horse towns.’
    • ‘A one-horse town, 40 km north of Bangalore, Devanahalli is the answer to the software city's lateral expansion plans.’
    • ‘Right from the moment the opening credits appear and a camera pans over an outlined street plan of the eponymous one-horse town, its intention to do something different is clear.’
    • ‘Now there are only two equipment companies - if I don't follow their orders, I'll be out of business faster than a blacksmith in a one-horse town.’
    • ‘In the one-horse town of Ceduna in South Australia, a touring funfair turns up at the height of summer.’
    • ‘Now, for years the one-horse town of Glenrowan has gamely exploited its links with Ned Kelly to keep itself viable.’
    • ‘We're locked in with the likes of Longford, a one-horse town, the capital of country and western.’
    • ‘Overjoyed, I pulled up at a single pump in a one-horse town.’
    • ‘A one-horse town - Liberty's is built into the hillside above the beach.’
    • ‘America's mid west conjures up a lot of cliches: dirt roads, one-horse towns, tumbleweeds, pubs with swinging saloon-style doors, kids going to school barefoot, and farmers still using oxes to plough their fields.’
    • ‘In a rural French one-horse town, at a counter where aspirin is served instead of alcohol, two men, as one might say, both alike in dignity and each of a certain age, strike up what seems an unlikely acquaintance.’
    • ‘Of course, if you're like me, you will probably just stay in town and count down the days to one of the best shows ever to hit this one-horse town - Spinal Tap!’
    • ‘Many a one-horse town still has one horse, but more often than not, no light.’