Definition of one-hit wonder in English:

one-hit wonder


  • A group or singer that has only one hit record before returning to obscurity.

    • ‘Yeah, unfortunately, so do I. The one good thing about a one-hit wonder band's follow-up to an overplayed hit is the hope that it will bring something better to temper the memory of that one song.’
    • ‘Judging from So Stylistic, it happily appears that they're not one-hit wonders.’
    • ‘We know we're not one-hit wonders and that we can perform at that level.’
    • ‘High Voltage, the Electric 6 had to do a lot to prove they weren't one-hit wonders.’
    • ‘If you had Nada Surf down as a one-hit wonder indie band that should remain sidelined to compilation tapes, then the magnetic glory of this album will turn your head.’
    • ‘Probably not many, which would explain the number of one-hit wonders that flash their star for the requisite 15 minutes and then fade away with the morning's light.’
    • ‘There was a growing worry that, maybe, they would become one-hit wonders, given how quiet things have been since then.’
    • ‘Even though I liked the sound of ‘Hybrid Theory’ I wondered whether the band would be able to sustain it all and not go down as one-hit wonders.’
    • ‘I had to challenge myself to be bigger or I would have been a one-hit wonder.’
    • ‘It was to be a one-hit wonder, of course, and now things were even worse than before - the spectre of Orange Juice and a global smash hit pressing down on him.’
    • ‘It's kind of funny, now we actually have punk rock one-hit wonders.’
    • ‘Arnold used the one-hit wonder's one hit, ‘We're Not Gonna Take It,’ as his unofficial theme song, blasting it at campaign rallies.’
    • ‘All I heard was a weak, patronizing clap from my husband, and the frantic flutter of pages as someone rifled through a stack of song lists, trying to select their own one-hit wonder to perform.’
    • ‘Now, the Son Of Dylan is back in a bid to prove that his Wallflowers aren't just one-hit wonders.’
    • ‘The nation's No.1 team was a national championship novelty, a one-hit wonder led by the quarterback with the funny name.’
    • ‘Furthermore, by treating their clients and each other with respect, they've enjoyed career longevity in an industry known more for spitting out one-hit wonders than developing long-term success.’
    • ‘It's obvious that the one-hit wonder tag he picked up for the career-making single ‘Brick’ no longer applies.’
    • ‘This one produced so many comments, I printed them all out - all forty pages of them and separated the nominations into mainstream pap, wedding disco music, one-hit wonders and a miscellaneous so-bad-it's-good pile.’
    • ‘Jet are far from one-hit wonders and they certainly had no trouble proving this as they took to the stage with rocking tracks like, Get What You Need, Rollover DJ and Look What You've Done.’
    • ‘Dexy's Midnight Runners came to fame in America as one of new wave's ultimate one-hit wonders with the smash hit ‘Come on Eileen’ from their 1982 album Too-Rye-Ay.’