Definition of one-armed in English:



  • Having or using only one arm.

    ‘Creek Bar was empty, except for a one-armed barman’
    • ‘The singer had been on the run after a one-armed man failed to turn up to her court date on July 7th.’
    • ‘But jauntiness rears its head in the form of one-armed cartwheels.’
    • ‘He pulled her closer in a one-armed hug.’
    • ‘A one-armed man in a tree suit is followed by a young woman holding up a black cardboard fish.’
    • ‘A recent ad I saw read: One-armed drummer required for Def Leppard tribute band.’
    • ‘It is very difficult to tie a one-armed man's hands behind his back.’
    • ‘He conducts the band and he plays piano - he's busier than a one-armed paper hanger!’
    • ‘The one-armed alcoholic main character narrates the novel.’
    • ‘Other shops sold dusty rolls of fabric, my favourite being run by a one-armed tailor.’
    • ‘That has been his trademark - an ear-to-ear smile followed by a good-natured ribbing during a one-armed pushup challenge.’