Definition of one's salad days in English:

one's salad days


  • 1The period when one is young and inexperienced.

    ‘the war seemed to be ending and so were my salad days’
    • ‘But these were their salad days, and they were young and hopeful.’
    • ‘So, in Denis Santry's salad days, when he was a young wild man living on his own, what did they call his little flat?’
    • ‘In my salad days as an eager young university student, I came across a tutor who had something of a reputation for enjoying an occasional flutter on the stock market.’
    1. 1.1 The peak or heyday of something.
      ‘journey back to the salad days of the railways’
      • ‘We thought the salad days of heavy metal were long over.’
      • ‘It sounds healthy, but that margin is still about half what it has been in the salad days of rocketing real estate values.’
      • ‘The mid-1960s were, of course, the salad days of Pop art and Minimalism.’
      • ‘We reside in the salad days of global liquidity and speculative excess.’
      • ‘The global fight-back appears to be working as the company is enjoying its own salad days after two years of the first business slump in its history.’
      heyday, best days, best years, day, time, prime of one's life, maturity
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