Definition of one's jaw drops in English:

one's jaw drops


  • One feels or appears amazed or shocked.

    ‘Laurel's jaw dropped despite her attempts to hide her surprise’
    • ‘Some moments, my jaw drops, I don't believe what just happened.’
    • ‘Her eyes burst open and her jaw drops, she backs up and away from the circle, breaking her hands free.’
    • ‘My jaw drops to wide open, and I just stare at her.’
    • ‘When you look at them, your jaw drops like a rock.’
    • ‘I don't normally experience moments where my jaw drops at something online.’
    • ‘His eyebrows rise in surprise as his jaw drops.’
    • ‘Rachmaninov composed his first concerto when he was 18 but, before your jaw drops in amazement, he revised it substantially at 44.’
    • ‘my jaw drops, cycling over recent conversations I've had with this lady on the phone.’
    • ‘We head up a rickety flight of stairs, pass through a wooden door, and suddenly my jaw drops open.’
    • ‘While feisty Hawn takes the hacienda-style home in her stride, her jaw drops at the magnificence of the garden.’