Definition of one's blood is up in English:

one's blood is up


  • One is in a fighting mood.

    • ‘Very passionate when their blood is up, they prefer the company of a very few close friends.’
    • ‘I'm not even sure what to say right now but my blood is up and I'm ready to go right now but I can't.’
    • ‘And when their blood is up, blimey, you should see them fighting.’
    • ‘When he is sacrificed his blood is up, he is in an exalted state.’
    • ‘This exhibition is a start; an encouraging sign that our blood is up and we are ready to storm the field.’
    • ‘Clad in red robes, the soldiers look like a river of blood no matter where they go, whether or not this represents their blood is up for interpretation.’
    • ‘When her blood is up, she has a fist big enough to knock down an empire.’
    • ‘Most will tell you what a challenge it is to restrain a company of Marines once their blood is up, the scent fresh and the chase is afoot.’
    • ‘The former is full of romantic associations and a man can do great deeds when his blood is up in good company with a stout horse between his knees.’
    • ‘Bear this in mind when you are writing or replying in a forum, especially if your blood is up a little, or it's late and you are tired.’