Definition of oncogenicity in English:



  • See oncogenic

    • ‘Furthermore, associations between genetically characterized disorders such as NF and a spectrum of neoplasia may lend insights into the oncogenicity of specific inherited genetic mutations.’
    • ‘The Glycoprotein D (US6) Homolog Is Not Essential for Oncogenicity or Horizontal Transmission of Marek's Disease Virus’
    • ‘This is not to mention the myriad of problems with gene and protein expression, microenvironmental factors, angiogenesis, aging, and oncogenicity that need to be resolved before targeting cells and genes to the lung in humans.’
    • ‘It comprised the L1 capsid protein devoid of other genes, so that in effect the study subjects were vaccinated with an ‘empty’ virus, eliminating the risk of oncogenicity from the vaccine itself.’
    • ‘The negative response observed in this assay is consistent with the theory that tumours observed in mouse oncogenicity studies are non-genotoxic in origin.’