Definition of oncer in English:



  • 1British historical A one-pound note.

    ‘20 crisp oncers’
    • ‘In view of her status and the requirement on her to set an example, I shall double the donation I expect for the Diver Lifeboat Fund to a treble crunchie, based on a fine of a oncer for every time she used the F-word and each of various B-words.’
    • ‘Perhaps you think that football has told him in no uncertain terms that you can't have what you want just for the asking and a hundred million used oncers.’
    • ‘Certainly the lovely lady will remain anonymous, but the Belfast Six will soon be outed unless they hasten to me for the Lifeboat Fund as many oncers as there are in the correct date of St Patrick's Day.’
  • 2British A person who does a particular thing only once.

    pound sterling, £
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  • 3Australian An MP regarded as likely to serve only one term.