Definition of once or twice in English:

once or twice


  • A few times.

    • ‘He glanced at me once or twice during the drive to his house but I remained silent.’
    • ‘I've only met him once or twice and he just told me to keep training hard and I'll reap the rewards.’
    • ‘I had an opportunity to chat with him once or twice, and was immediately impressed by his fund of knowledge.’
    • ‘I will try to post perhaps once or twice whilst I am away, using my Dad's computer.’
    • ‘Give the potatoes a good stir once or twice during cooking to help them break up a bit.’
    • ‘He blinked once or twice and the dark shape ran back and forth in front of his gaze.’
    • ‘We spoke on the phone once or twice and the next thing I knew she landed on my doorstep.’
    • ‘Then he visited me once or twice in Oxford, when he was off on one of his miserable summer holidays and was passing through.’
    • ‘The fact that she might actually be in trouble crossed my mind once or twice but I shoved that away.’
    • ‘He has a very relaxed style and I have only seen him lose his temper once or twice since I arrived.’