Definition of once again (or more) in English:

once again (or more)


  • One more time.

    • ‘When we've done that place up to our liking, we'll sell it ready to move on once more.’
    • ‘The team is training at the club once more and is looking to recruit players for next season.’
    • ‘I have returned refreshed from Blackpool and am in custody of my own laptop once more.’
    • ‘No surprise then that the idea of a national identity card is once again being considered.’
    • ‘Recently he had had a lot of personal problems and once more turned to alcohol for comfort.’
    • ‘Now the company is involved in the scheme once again and plans are back on track.’
    • ‘Two weeks ago children were looking forward to being able to play outdoors once again.’
    • ‘We were impressed but once more became hopelessly lost as we attempted to leave the city.’
    • ‘We are hoping that once again you will help us out by selling some or all of the tickets.’
    • ‘They now live at an address they have asked us to keep secret for fear the yobs will catch up with them once more.’
    again, once more, once again, a second time, afresh, over again
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