Definition of on wheels in English:

on wheels


  • 1By, or travelling by, car or bicycle.

    ‘a journey on wheels’
    • ‘Parents need to be more aware if their children are on wheels they should be wearing helmets,’ he said.’
    • ‘They arrive on wheels, travel through the hospital on wheels and may be prescribed medicine, which originates from plants and minerals.’
    • ‘Staveley's Rob Jebb became only the second athlete to win the Three Peaks on foot and on wheels at the weekend, writes Mike Addison.’
    1. 1.1British informal Smoothly.
      ‘the business ran on wheels’
      • ‘A business solution on wheels: international and IBM collaborate on a telematics system that will change the way fleets do business’
  • 2British informal Used to emphasize one's distaste or dislike of the person or thing mentioned.

    ‘if I don't eat, I turn into a bitch on wheels’
    • ‘He had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend Sara, a real bitch on wheels.’
    • ‘She beat you up, had you in a hospital for four days, not to mention discolored every part of your anatomy, and you still think that bitch on wheels is hot?’
    • ‘If I don't get my way, I turn into a bitch on wheels (as someone once said), or I just feel miserable.’
    • ‘Brilliant negotiator but she can be one hell of a bitch on wheels.’
    • ‘The search is on for at least one childhood friend who will say the celebrity was a bitch on wheels; at least one disgruntled co-worker who will reveal all about the hissy fits in the dressing room.’
    • ‘Basically Candida is a bitch on wheels, and having spent the entire play trying to win her heart, Marchbanks, the weedy poet, fails in his quest and Candida chooses to stay with her husband.’
    • ‘A little religious bitch on wheels in my house and probably going to our school as well.’
    • ‘Shaking her head with disgust, she stormed off down the street trying to keep and long distance between her and the bitch on wheels.’
    • ‘As played by Natasha Smith, she is simply a bitch on wheels, too abrasive and dour for us to even like.’
    • ‘Push her far enough and she becomes a screaming bitch on wheels.’