Definition of on this (or that) account in English:

on this (or that) account


  • As a result; consequently.

    ‘he was very energetic and on this account was entrusted with all the most difficult work’
    • ‘The effect of never having the issues resolved is incalculable but not to be dismissed on that account.’
    • ‘He does not disappoint anyone on this account.’
    • ‘They were attacked on this account.’
    • ‘I have not heard whether they have reached you and I am anxious on this account.’
    • ‘She was always repelled by affectation in young or old, and was, perhaps unconsciously, a little unsympathetic toward children on this account.’
    • ‘Everyone is fond of relating their own exploits and they are on this account a nuisance to one to the other.’
    • ‘Books reflect the mental atmosphere in which they were born, and on that account cannot expect to live forever.’
    • ‘Departures from Malta for the return journey were never delayed on this account.’
    • ‘I do not love you less on that account.’
    • ‘Today all people are children to me, and all are dearer on that account.’