Definition of on the stocks in English:

on the stocks


  • In construction or preparation.

    ‘also on the stocks is a bill to bring about tax relief for these businesses’
    • ‘His seal of approval was the final hurdle for a deal that has been on the stocks for several years.’
    • ‘None of the Tablet PCs on the stocks fall into that category, not even the Crusoe prototype, which claims dismal endurance of four hours.’
    • ‘Does this mean that there's a recipe book on the stocks?’
    • ‘There is not too much substantive legislation on the stocks that has lasted for that period of time.’
    • ‘Next on the stocks is Admiral Nelson's Victory.’
    • ‘Soon, though, he had so many screenplays on the stocks he employed a ghost-writer to help him out.’
    • ‘Its owners had only briefly, when it was still on the stocks and in very small print, ever advertised it as such, and similar claims were made at the same time for other ships.’
    • ‘And while it is well-known the Queen Mother's funeral arrangements have been in place almost 20 years ago, it is less well-understood that many newspapers have had special supplements on the stocks for several years.’
    • ‘But he is now fighting back, with a number of exciting new projects on the stocks, and the managing director has high hopes for the future.’
    • ‘Reading from a forthcoming novel, one of several he has on the stocks, he recalled the terrible things writers must endure in the name of research.’