Definition of on the sick in English:

on the sick


  • Receiving sickness benefit.

    • ‘I'm on the sick with stress and my doctor has told me I must see a counsellor.’
    • ‘I have worked since I was 15, I haven't been on the sick in over 25 years and I've only had two weeks on the dole in my life.’
    • ‘Whatever the circumstances, you can't condone working while you are supposed to be off on the sick.’
    • ‘He told me about 3 other patients of his who have this, 2 of them are working again (albeit only part time) after at least 2 years on the sick.’
    • ‘They're very sensitive souls and I think the particular family therapist that I met might well be off work on the sick with stress after meeting me.’
    • ‘It is almost as if they are making capital out of people being poorly - it is a tax on the sick.’
    • ‘After only a few weeks of that term the claimant came off on the sick again with depression and this time never returned.’
    • ‘Turns out he's been signed off on the sick with stress, and has toddled off to catch a bit of football and some rays somewhere pleasant.’
    • ‘Always seems to be on the sick from his main job, but happy to come out and have a look at your problem if he's well enough.’
    • ‘You cannot sack someone if they are on a probationary period - they turn up for their job one day, then they go on the sick for up to a year, and you can't sack them.’