Definition of on the rocks in English:

on the rocks


  • 1(of a relationship or enterprise) experiencing difficulties and likely to fail.

    ‘his marriage was on the rocks’
    • ‘His relationship with Sissy on the rocks, Bud takes to practicing bull riding.’
    • ‘At the time of making the film, the director's own marriage was on the rocks and he was romantically involved with an actress.’
    • ‘Feigning being in love and making googly eyes isn't too much of a challenge; convincingly portraying a long-time couple whose relationship is on the rocks is the tough part.’
    • ‘He finds himself a single dad, with a career on the rocks, living in New Jersey with his father.’
    • ‘This film is a tragicomic ensemble piece about people on the edge and love on the rocks.’
    • ‘Like many American men of 35-40 today, he's adrift, not sure where the stream of life may take him now that his original life plan is all messed up and pretty much on the rocks.’
    • ‘The elder daughter finds to her consternation that her marriage is on the rocks.’
    • ‘My relationship has been on the rocks ever since my boyfriend left our ballet company to join a dance troupe in another state.’
    • ‘Her parents' marriage is on the rocks as she embarks upon a career in television news.’
    • ‘He may have been lucky in business, but his marriage is on the rocks, his daughter barely speaks to him and even his friend, Francis, holds little interest.’
    in difficulty, in trouble, breaking down, practically over, heading for divorce, heading for the divorce courts
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  • 2(of a drink) served undiluted and with ice cubes.

    ‘he ordered a Scotch on the rocks’
    • ‘When not ‘landing’ a big client, she cares for her aging father, and sexes it up with her fiancé, who looks like he drinks Vitalis on the rocks.’
    • ‘There were a number of still lifes, including Dina's Nikes, a pair of red running shoes against a field of creamy white, and a painting of two glasses of Scotch on the rocks sitting on a black table.’
    • ‘My favorite drink is malt scotch, either on the rocks or with a splash of soda and a twist.’
    • ‘While ‘celebrating’ in the hotel lounge (her idea of a party is scotch on the rocks and a corner to herself), she runs into Paula.’
    • ‘This film is the thematic and cinematic equivalent of scotch on the rocks: golden and fiery, burning the throat, but continually surrounded and chilled by giant blocks of ice.’
    • ‘He starts smoking an exclusive brand of cigarette and drinking single malt whisky on the rocks.’
    with ice, on ice
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