Definition of on the move in English:

on the move


  • 1In the process of moving from one place or job to another.

    ‘it's difficult to contact her because she's always on the move’
    • ‘The entire troupe is always on the move, travelling to nearly a dozen cities or towns every year.’
    • ‘Being always on the move, they are a very fit and strong people.’
    • ‘He had to be always on the move and travelling in India in those days was quite hazardous and time consuming.’
    • ‘He's always on the move from one country to another, flying here and there, but he enjoys life doing that.’
    • ‘Also, they were almost impossible to find as they are always on the move.’
    • ‘It is not easy to be a family man, particularly when you are always on the move.’
    • ‘In the restless, shadowy world of ethnic restaurants, chefs are always on the move.’
    • ‘Of course, he thought, they are gypsy travellers, and mastering such arts would be essential to a people always on the move.’
    • ‘People are always on the move now - family members take a year out and travel.’
    • ‘They were always on the move, always short of money, and their life together was passionate and stormy.’
    travelling, in transit, moving, in motion, journeying, on the road, on the wing
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    1. 1.1 Making progress.
      ‘the economy appeared to be on the move’
      • ‘Things are on the move, and that's very encouraging.’
      • ‘Like its parent organisation it is always on the move, looking for new avenues by which it can attract new members.’
      • ‘I had a decent paying job with my own corner office. I was on the move upwards.’
      • ‘After years of stagnation, the economy seems to be on the move, albeit very, very slowly.’
      • ‘So back to square one, how do we get this economy on the move?’
      progressing, making progress, proceeding, advancing, developing, going forward, moving forward
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