Definition of on the loose in English:

on the loose


  • Having escaped from confinement.

    ‘a serial killer is on the loose’
    • ‘To complicate matters, an escaped killer is on the loose, having hitched a ride on the truck.’
    • ‘The predominantly rural force has found itself thrust into the national spotlight with a brutal killer still on the loose.’
    • ‘There has been a report that a criminal who has escaped from prison is on the loose and is likely to kill again.’
    • ‘Up to five other wild cats are believed to be on the loose in the North.’
    • ‘A prisoner who went on the run on Sunday night is still on the loose.’
    • ‘Her husband restrained the thief until help arrived, but he later managed to escape and is still on the loose.’
    • ‘No one was interested in going to a school with a serial killer on the loose, no matter how prestigious it was.’
    • ‘The police detectives at the scene quickly realised there was a serial killer on the loose.’
    • ‘Police hand out safety advice and shriek alarms but call for calm in the community amid fears that a serial attacker is on the loose.’
    • ‘The horrific events of the weekend, and the realisation that a dangerous killer is on the loose, has heightened fear of crime.’
    free, at large, at liberty, escaped
    free, at liberty, at large, escaped, set loose, unconfined, unrestrained, roaming, unbound, unrestricted, untied, unchained, unshackled, unfettered
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