Definition of on the house in English:

on the house


  • (of a drink or meal in a bar or restaurant) at the management's expense; free.

    ‘our first rounds always came on the house’
    • ‘The Cretans almost always give you a drink on the house at the start or end of a meal.’
    • ‘I'm guessing he didn't spend it on handguns or blasting caps, maybe just a few drinks on the house.’
    • ‘Lunch and refreshments will also be on the house, on both days of the festival.’
    • ‘Ramsay told Hatton he was welcome any time to a meal on the house at his place in London.’
    • ‘I then informed her that as she was so nice, and this was her first visit to this bar, her drink was on the house.’
    • ‘It's the landlord's last night, so the final rounds of drinks are on the house.’
    • ‘We are invited by the hotel to a special, celebratory buffet - on the house.’
    • ‘During the meal, the chef may send out one or two little taste treats for diners to enjoy on the house.’
    • ‘As we were about to pay up and leave, the barman brought us a last round on the house.’
    • ‘As a peace offering, Rewpert told Gordon to bring over a couple of drinks on the house.’
    free, free of charge, without payment, without charge, at no cost, for nothing, gratis
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