Definition of on the dot in English:

on the dot


  • Exactly on time.

    ‘he arrived on the dot at nine o'clock’
    • ‘The gulls seem to have watches because they arrive here on the dot every lunchtime.’
    • ‘He arrived right on the dot at 7.30 pm - and saw the empty seat.’
    • ‘He arrives on the dot, his tall, dark-haired, slightly rakish figure hurrying up Petergate through the crowds.’
    • ‘The museum opens at 2pm, and I wanted to be there on the dot.’
    • ‘We arrived on the dot of half four, when a boat was due to leave.’
    • ‘Last Thursday Campbell arrived as usual on the dot of 8.30.’
    • ‘We do hear anecdotally from a lot of women that they feel less likely to be promoted because they have responsibilities outside the workplace and often have to leave on the dot of finishing time.’
    • ‘In the days when I did run an office I always used to encourage everyone to leave at six on the dot - I couldn't really understand what point there was in working any longer.’
    • ‘I was very amused when the phone rang at 12 on the dot.’
    • ‘The guests were due to arrive at 6 on the dot and they had 2 and half hours to do everything.’
    precisely, exactly, sharp, prompt, to the minute, on the nail
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