Definition of on the cards in English:

on the cards

(North American in the cards)


  • Possible or likely.

    ‘marriage has been on the cards from day one’
    • ‘But a Novell-Red Hat merger is probably not in the cards.’
    • ‘She said she suspected something was on the cards, but didn't expect to see a proposal in print.’
    • ‘The possibility of a celebrity guest is not the only change on the cards for this year's festival.’
    • ‘Winning back the House (much less the Senate) next year probably isn't in the cards.’
    • ‘Some investors and analysts speculate that pushing Sears to sell the valuable real estate under its stores may be in the cards.’
    • ‘A drive-through Pizza Hut and an expanded Asda store are on the cards for Colchester.’
    • ‘New jobs and convenient shopping are on the cards following a major store revamp.’
    • ‘And if a sale is in the cards, there's likely a willing buyer: Softbank Corp.’
    • ‘The possibility of operating a satellite centre in Padiham is also on the cards.’
    • ‘Visits to various locations, probably all in the North Island, are on the cards.’
    likely, possible, probable, expected, liable to happen, in the wind, in the air, in the offing, on the horizon, in view, in prospect, in store, to come
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