Definition of on the button in English:

on the button


  • 1Punctually.

    ‘we arrived at 5.20 on the button’
    • ‘From All Cannings Bridge, I was picked up on the button by a Wigglybus, a pleasing local speciality: it wiggles away from its scheduled route by appointment made on the phone.’
    • ‘After all the deliberation about timing, I'm right on the button!’
    • ‘On another day trip, we heeded the lure of Cordoba, spirited there by a train that left on the button and arrived on the nail.’
    • ‘Twenty past six, on the button, there came a great PERLOMPH!’
    • ‘I was pleased when I was there to see everyone get in on time and lessons started right on the button.’
    punctually, on time, on the dot, on the nail
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    1. 1.1 Exactly right.
      ‘the programme is right on the button every time’
      • ‘The Nixon comparison however, seems right on the button.’
      • ‘He would advise property developers on how to get funding and seemed to be quite on the button, quite switched on.’
      • ‘Diva may be an overused word, but it's bang on the button here.’
      • ‘The lady is on the button when she suggests that leaders and educators must be ‘visionaries’.’
      • ‘I believe the sentiment expressed was absolutely on the button.’
      • ‘The Lingard and Neil Law three-quarter partnership is not yet on the button but it was spot-on when the latter put the former in for his second.’
      • ‘I hope I have gone some way towards explaining the importance of local authority self examination of costs, performance and efficiency and that you might agree that we, in Craven, are right on the button.’
      • ‘He says, ‘I have a feeling that when they print something, it's right on the button.’’
      • ‘I guessed it was only a matter of time, but you're right on the button.’
      • ‘The team we've selected is a strong one and we need to get our individual performances on the button.’
      precisely, exactly, right, directly, immediately, squarely, just, dead
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